The concept of an electronic health record has existed for decades, the technology is ready, the need is clear, the desire is there, yet despite all this there are very few success stories. A nationwide electronic health record remains an elusive goal that few countries have achieved.

Be afraid, 5G has been proven to cause red necks, spontaneous mullet growth, a serious drop in IQ and a sudden fondness for country and western music. Be very afraid.

Need to explain Neural Networks to your 5 year old? Or to anyone that doesn't have a data science degree? Here’s the explanation you are looking for.

If you Google ‘neural networks’ you’ll find millions of articles explaining how Naive Bayesian regression is used to drive reverse propagation across hidden layers of artificial neurons, with cool pictures of lots of circles connected to lots of other circles. Unfortunately, very few of those articles explain neural networks in plain English, hopefully this becomes one that does.

What is a Neural Network?

What is the optimal business process for delivering a disruptive product that has never been made before? That question is like asking Ikea to write assembly instructions for an item of furniture that hasn’t yet been invented.

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